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Economic Change and the Central Florida Property Management Industry

Economic Change and the Central Florida Property Management Industry

Change is on its way. That may be one of life's constant refrains. But it always seems more apt at the change of seasons. This year, as summer begins to wane into fall, it seems we might be looking at more than just slightly changing temperatures and foliage.

Our economy is in a state of flux right now, which also affects our real estate industry. No one can predict exactly how much the economic state will affect housing prices and rental rates in the near future, but it is safe to say that here in Florida, demand is still outpacing supply.

During the past two years of the pandemic, Florida's population grew exponentially faster than other states' due to Florida remaining open and free of lockdowns. Though that rate of migration is expected to slow with other states now being as open as Florida, population growth is still predicted at close to 300,000 new residents a year over the next five years. That's like adding a city the size of Orlando every year.

Suffice it to say, Central Florida will remain an excellent choice for real estate investors. Wilson Management Group is keeping a finger on the pulse of the rental market to ensure our clients continue to enjoy a high rate of return on their investments and our customers experience fair market pricing and excellent customer service. Our highly informed rental pricing strategies, stringent applicant qualification criteria, and dedication to excellent customer service are key factors that define our success in this market.

As families transition from summer activities to back-to-school planning and/or home maintenance in preparation for fall, it is our goal that our clients and customers feel confidant in their choice to partner with us for our rental investment recommendations and property management services. We are honored to be your premier professional property management company. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions about our property management services or need assistance with the property you are renting from us.

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