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When You Love What You Do...It Shows!

If you’ve ever wondered what professional property managers do when they’re not in the office, this is a perfect example!

Last Valentine’s Day, Amy received an emergency call that a fire was in progress at two units that she manages. Not only did she spend her Valentine’s night at the property coordinating with local fire and police departments, she has also spent the past year checking on these units every week.

The owner hired a general contractor to perform the renovations on the affected units. But Amy has been doing an in-person walkthrough of both units on a weekly basis for the past year checking to make sure -

  • The expected work was completed at each step of the process
  • The units were kept locked and secure
  • The surrounding public areas were clear of debris and safe for the residents in other units of the building.

As a premier property manager, her focus was keeping the owner, who lives out of town, fully apprised of the work in progress. Her level of professionalism and customer service are to be commended and are certainly hallmarks of what we expect at Wilson Management Group from our team members.

After a year in the re-making, Amy is super excited that these two units are close to being completed. And we’re expecting them to be available on the rental market in just over a month. Stay tuned!