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Why We Take Time To Advocate For Property Owners' Rights

Why We Take Time To Advocate For Property Owners' Rights

Wilson Management Group is fortunate to be based in Florida, arguably one of the landlord-friendliest states in America. So, you may be wondering why we dedicate time each year to travel to Washington DC, and to Tallahassee, to speak with senators and representatives about property owners’ rights and related issues.

Franklin D. Roosevelt is quoted as saying, … in the truest sense freedom cannot be bestowed, it must be achieved; and that there must be constant vigilance if it is to be maintained.” Vigilance is key here and implies careful observation for and against potential danger. We practice what we consider our due diligence by staying abreast of upcoming legislation that might affect property owners, and actively engaging with those whose efforts bring that legislation into law.

Here are just a few of the reasons we are dedicated to this task:

  • Protection of Investment – Advocating for property owners’ rights means that we are helping secure the value of our clients’ properties and safeguarding our clients’ ability to manage and develop their assets as they see fit.
  • Personal Freedom – Owning property is fundamental to achieving a sense of autonomy. We feel that championing property owners’ rights is the best way to support our clients’ ability to own real estate investments without undue interference.
  • Economic Growth – Property ownership is directly tied to economic growth. With clear rights and protections, owners are more likely to invest in their existing properties and buy more properties, thereby leading to economic development, job creation, and increased tax revenue.

  • Legal Certainty – Clearly defined property rights provides confidence for investors that the business environment is stable. This confidence encourages long-term investment which further supports the real estate industry and overall economy.
  • Protection of Heritage and Culture – Property owners are largely responsible for the preservation that occurs in historical districts. Advocating for their property rights ensures that this preservation activity affecting heritage sites, historical buildings, and cultural landmarks can continue without undue restriction.

Along with being experts in our market and staying abreast of industry and regulatory changes, we believe that advocating for property owners’ rights is an integral component to helping ensure the stability and viability of our clients’ residential investment portfolios. This activity helps ensure our clients continue to experience necessary freedoms for the enjoyment and prosperity of their properties for years to come.